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Welcoming committee

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Welcome to our master's page.

Rubi's corner

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Ask Rubi.

Rubi's info
:bulletpink: Birthday: February 21st
:bulletwhite: Personality: innocent, sweet, and always happy
:bulletpink: Hobby: Chasing bunnies and collecting things the remind him of bunnies
:bulletwhite: Gender: MALE... but femboy. :3

Rubi by Kanoe-May commission: Rubi by LowRankRaccoon969 :Commission: - Akira-13 by TFOTR [Com 7]: Rubi by Nelliette Commish: Rubi by Pastelletta Rubi at the beach by Gokai-Chibi PC - Rubi by kimyurin-san Rubi by twin-tail .:CM:.  Rubi by elisonic12 Commission: 347457 by PrettyPigeonSama Commission. by Lite-kun Joinme commish by Mishierru PC : Rubi by Vivi-ko Popsicle Fun by MiZun Playing with Rubi by MiZun ...Commission - Radiant Glade... by Mondbohne Rubi by Elizavveta Page Doll Commission by ImHisEternalAngel PC: Rubi by xXPaintedDreamXx PC- akira-13 by Pluto-Uto Pagedoll Commission: Ruby by SinfullyCute Emmett and Rubi by Gokai-Chibi rubi by peachiepoop :chibi commission: Rubi by FluffButtDoge Commission - Rubi by TheConfusedSheep C:  akira-13 by IcyLou +- Commissions Batch -+ by Lybellune [C] Rubi by MikomiKisomi Comm #  Batch 13 by Relxion Commissionsss by bunnylover11 Ruby :3 by sSflowerSs After a Nap by Andreia-Chan PC: Rubi by Kou-Shibasaki Commission Rubi by Gokai-Chibi :COM: akira-13 by Metterschlingel CM: akira-13 by RaikonKitsune CMM: Chibi Rubi by SoriiNyu Dreamy Kitsune ~Request by Aeli-na Com: akira-13 by M0momoM0 :PC: akira-13 by Sunny-tan Bunny Paradise by Aoi-chan01 [C] Rubi by Priincessu


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Yuri sister

Twin sister

Win $40 or 3,200 points

Tue Dec 3, 2013, 10:40 AM
Edit 1: (New character added  (Rbui).)

So I did this contest last year and it was so successful that I just had to do it again. :D Though I have bumped the winning prize up a bit to $40 this time or 3,200 :points:. and I understand that people usually have time frame issues, so that is why this contest will not end until May 29th:)

:bulletblue: What you have to do :bulletblue:

Just like last year all you simply need to draw one or more of my OCs and submit it here on DA, unless breaks DA rules, then you must submit it somewhere else and send me the link or just send me the file via note. I will be making a little list below here with a reference image and a description of each of the characters below.  

:bulletblack: Rules :bulletblack:

- To enter this contest you must write a journal advertising it and then send me the link. This way word can spread about my contest and gain more participants.
- You can submit as many entry's as you want, there is no cap.
- You can add your own OCs or characters from original series, but must contain at least one of my characters in the work
- You must send me a link to the artwork, because I will not be randomly searching around to see if anyone made else made a entry.
- If it is contains anything that would make it against DA rules, plz upload on separate site and note me the link.
- No gore or scat in the pics, just because I really hate that stuff. 
- Ecchi,hentai, and stuff like that is allowed, but if it violates DA rules, plz upload to another site and send me a link or just the file itself via note.
- Anything submitted after the 29th of May will be ineligible for any prizes.

:bulletblue: My OCs :D :bulletblue:

I have a lot more OCs then I did last year, but to help narrow your choices and make a decision on which character(s) you would like to use easier I will only be showing a few of them to you for the contest. :)

Magix series characters

:bulletblue: Alice :bulletblack:
Alice by akira-13


Alice actually is a 80 year old witch who was obsessed with her fading beauty and desired to always look young. So one day she decided to cast a spell on herself to make her young and immortal, but as she cast her spell one of her pets accidently broke a vile in Alice's home and caused her to lose her focus. In stead of turning into her 21 year old self, she accidently turned into her 12 year old self. Not only that, but the spell was permanent and could not be altered. Now she carries all the knowledge she held for the last 80 years in her head, but trapped in a 12 year old girls body. 

On order to keep some company around in her immortal life, she occasionally finds new pets and turns them into human/animal hybrids to keep her company in her never ending 12 year old life.

In order to provide for the ingredients for her new spells and potions she built a little cafe, known as the magic cafe, attached to her house and has some of her golem act as waitresses for the customers.

She also loves to test out new spells from time to time and sometimes will use her pets as guinea pigs.

:bulletpink: Nia :bulletwhite:
Human/hybrid form Nia by akira-13
Animal form:…
Alternative clothing:


Nia use to be an average desert fox, locked up in a house with her mistress, Alice the witch. One day when her mistress was trying and make herself immortal, but Nia accidently knocked over one of Alice's prized potions she had made at the age of 12 and because of this, accidently caused her mistress to turn her self into a 12 year old for the rest of her life.

Her mistress didn't want to spend the rest of her immortal life as a 12 year old alone, so she decided to also transform Nia into a animal/human hybrid, who could talk and think like a normal human being, but Nia still has her original tendencies and she is a little but of a ditz .

She can change at will from her original desert fox form or into her sexy human form, but her ears and tail still remain no matter what form she is in.

She is energetic, very loving towards others, and has a very simple mind, almost like the mindset of a little girl. 

:bulletred: Cherie :bulletblack:
Cherie by akira-13


Cherie is Alice's golem. Alice made her back when she was still young and had her perform task for her. basically she was like her maid.

Cherie does have personal opinions on certain things, but for the most part she will follow any orders given to her by Ms. Alice.

Alice will mostly now have her work in the cafe attached to there house. For some reason they love it when Cherie comes and gives them there order.

:bulletpink: Miyoshi :bulletblack:
Neko form Miyoshi by akira-13
Animal form: a black cat

Miyoshi use to be a stray cat living on the streets near a dance studio. Occasionally she would be able to her the music inside and watch some of the girls dance around. She really enjoyed watching it, but one day a little girl, by the name of Alice came and took her home with her. Alice was a witch and used her powers to turn the little black cat into a little Neko girl. She could think, talk, but the thing she liked the most was dancing around. 

Her best friend in the house with them was probably Nia. Nia was carefree and Miyoshi would sometimes get her to play with her around the house when she was board.

:bulletgreen: Haru :bulletblue:
Haru by akira-13


Haru was abandoned by her parents when she was younger, because of strange things going on around her. She lived in an orphanage until she was about 2 years old. She was adopted by a strange women by the name of Cherie.

When Cherie brought her back to her home, she introduced her to a 12 year old girl by the name of Alice. Alice was actually a lot older then she looked and was also a powerful witch. Alice had heard about Haru's strange abilities and had Cherie,her golem, go and adopt her. She took her under her wing as a daughter/apprentice.

Haru is now in middle school, but when she isn't in her normal classes, she is in her magic classes with Alice as her teacher.

:bulletblack: Jordan :bulletwhite:
Jordan by akira-13


Jordan is another Golem created by Alice to serve as her maid, but also help in the cafe like Cherie. There is one thing though that makes Jordan kind of special however. While Alice was making here from some very cheap clay, she had accidently formed both a female and male genitals on her and caused Jordan to be the first hermaphrodite/futa Golem ever created.

The genitals was also the cause of another freak accident with Jordan. Because she/he had both types of genitals, from time to time Jordan will switch from her girly personality to his guy personality, both are out going and happy and love to make other happy.

:bulletwhite: Daichi :bulletred:
Commission Daichi by JinZhan


Daichi is a 12 year old middle school student who isn't the most popular guy in or outside of the classroom. He had no friends and tended to keep to himself most of the time. The one thing that always made him smile though was magic. Though he wished it was real he knew it was all just illusions in the end, but that didn't stop him from learning how to do it. One day as Daichi was walking home from school a small, strange Fennec fox crossed his path in the street wearing a collar. His search to get it back home lead him to an older house near the center of town that was connected to one of the town most popular places "magic cafe". As he returned the fox to the owner, A small girl by the name of Alice, He discovers she is a witch living with her golems, animal/human hybrids, and her adopted daughter Haru, who Daichi had a huge crush on. Eventually he convinces Alice to teach him magic as her apprentice and goes their everyday to learn with Alice's adopted daughter, Haru, to learn new spells, potions, and hone his abilities.

Other favorite OCs of mine

:bulletpink: Miwa Suzuki :bulletred:
Miwa Suzuki by akira-13


Miwa is one of my favorite and most adorable looking OCs ever. :3 She is so sweet and innocent looking and many people will stop and stare at her as they look at how cute she is, but in reality she has a dark secret part of her life. She enjoys being dominated and has a fetish for BDSM which she usually has BDSM sex frequently with her friend/mistress, Nara.

:bulletyellow: Celty :bulletred:
Little Devil : Point Adoptable [CLOSED] by SahneCreamKuchen


Celty is a young, shy succubus girl who is trying to do her best in learning how to be the best succubus she can be with the help from her friend, Sabrina, who always tries to push her into more intense and exciting situations even if Celty is too embarrassed to do anything or wanting to participate in her events.

:bulletred: Sabrina :bulletblack:

Sabrina by akira-13  Celty and Sabrina by zetarok


Sabrina is a fallen angel who was cast out for overly sexual activities with living men and women. She now works under a demon known as Lilith who has her girls go out and seduce men and women in the night to help her gain more powerful so she can be the most powerful of her kind in the entire world. Sabrina has no problem with Lilith's ambitions or goals as long as she got to have fun in the process. She spends her free time hanging out with her young, shy friend Celty and loves to tease her about her being so innocent for a sex demon(succubus) and constantly puts her in situations she would normally be too embarrassed or shy to do willingly.

:bulletgreen: Gooberry :bulletblue:

Slime girl Gooberry by akira-13

Gooberry doesn't have much of a background story as the rest of my characters as she is meant to be my Kawaii partner in crime as we continue to make artwork together. :3

:bulletpink: Rubi :bulletwhite:

Rubi by akira-13 
Rubi by twin-tail

Rubi is the younger, femboy brother of my equally adorable Miwa. He is super bashful and shy and always looks to his sister for advice. Though Miwa and her naughty habits sometimes drag Rubi along for the ride... if you know what I mean. ;) 

Also he has an obsession with bunnies and actually has his little bunny friend in the 2nd link. :3

I'm hoping for this contest to be very successful like the last one I held and can't wait to  see all of your guys awesome artworks. :3


:iconkanoe-may:  I only love master ~ by Kanoe-May
:iconxrippercat: Miwa by xRippERCaT

:iconlite-kun: CE| akira-13 by Lite-kun

:icongloomdeath: .:C:. Energy Cheapskate by gloomdeath

:iconsummerflame8403: Miyoshi [CONTEST ENTRY] by SummerFlame8403

:icongokai-chibi: Rubi at the beach by Gokai-Chibi
:iconmizun:Playing with Miwa by MiZun Playing with Rubi by MiZun
:iconvanilecream: CE: akira-13 by VanileCream
:iconxipako: Rubi by Xipako

Graphics & CSS by Metterschlingel | Image by Nelliette
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A guy who likes pretty much everything in life and thanks to my friend :icongokai-chibi: I am now corrupted with the love of femboys too. :3




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